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Industrial Projects

Project Year Country Status LV Switchgears SCADA/PLC Telemetry BMS CCTV Access Control
Kufranja Dam 2017 Jordan Completed
Jordan Poultry Processing & Marketing – ACS 2017 Jordan Ongoing
Al-Basateen Pump Station 2015 Jordan Completed  √
Al-Ghabawi Pump Station 2014 Jordan Completed  √
Six Deep Wells (Al Sheediah Phosphate) 2013 Jordan Completed
Lajjoun Waste water Treatment Plant 2012 Jordan Completed
Central Control Station at Queen Alia Airport 2012 Jordan Completed
Zwara Water Tanks and Pump Stations 2011 Libya Completed
Karak Water Loss Reduction (KWLRP) 2011 Jordan Completed
Motta Factory New Extension 2010 Jordan Completed
Jordan Grain New expansion 2010 Jordan Completed
Russ Group Asphalt Factory 2010 Iraq Completed
Bushra Pump Station 2010 Jordan Completed
Karak WWTP 2010 Jordan Completed
Paper Factory New Expansion (Nuqul Group) 2009 Jordan Completed
Plastic Factory New Expansion 2009 Jordan Completed
Three new Schools at Aqaba 2009 Jordan Completed
Pump Stations (Tulkarem Authority) 2009 Palestine Completed
Filtration System (Jordan Phosphate) 2008 Jordan Completed
JPPC New Expansion 2008 Jordan Completed
Jerash Waste Water treatment Plant (WAJ) 2008 Jordan Completed
LV station Upgrade 2 (Queen Alia Airport ) 2007 Jordan Completed
Water Wells At Queen Alia Airport 2007 Jordan Completed
Al Safi Salt Factory Upgrade 2007 Jordan Completed
LV station Upgrade 1 (Queen Alia Airport ) 2006 Jordan Completed
National Hatchery Upgrade 2006 Jordan Completed
Vacuum Coating Machine (Hikma Pharmatecual) 2005 Jordan Completed
Automatic Dosing System 2005 Jordan Completed


Commercial Projects

Project Year Country Status LV Switchgears GRMS BMS CCTV Access Control Audio Visual Lighting Control
Mercure Hotel (254 Rooms) 2017 UAE Ongoing
IBIS Hotel (350 Rooms) 2017 UAE Ongoing
Accor Apartments (154 Apartment) 2017 UAE Ongoing
Axiom Telecom HQ 2017 UAE Ongoing
ASmawi SZR Buildings 2017 UAE Completed
Asmawi Alaweer 2017 UAE Completed
Emirates hills palace 2017 UAE Completed
Bukash Building 2017 UAE Completed
Bank of Jordan 2017 Jordan Completed
Housing Bank ACS-DFRS Integration 2017 Jordan Completed
Four Seasons hotel staff accommodation 2016 UAE Completed
Al Sayyah Tower Palm 2016 UAE Ongoing
Al Sayyah Villa 2016 UAE Ongoing  
Smart Buy 2016 Jordan Completed
Holiday Inn 2016 Jordan Completed
Gold Gym 2016 Jordan Completed
Quicksand Crossfit Gym 2016 Jordan Completed
Al Fanar Group 2015 UAE Completed
Meydan Hotel 2015 UAE Completed
Aqaba New Port 2015 Jordan Completed
Etihad Airlines 2014 UAE Completed
Kilani Healthcare Institute 2013 Jordan Completed
Etihad Towers 2013 UAE Completed
Porcelanosa Grupo 2012 Jordan Completed
Hilton 2012 Jordan Completed
Bank of Jordan 2011 Jordan Completed
Grand Cinemas-Taj Mall 2011 Jordan Completed

Residential Projects

Project Year Status LV Switchgears SCADA/PLC CCTV Access Control Audio Visual Lighting Control Home Automation
Hassan Al Lami 2017 Ongoing
Jamal Lozi 2017 Ongoing
Ziad Amoos 2017 Completed
Mohammad Khalidi 2017 Ongoing
Sireen Al Masri 2017 Completed
Martinon / Muna Sukhtian 2016 Completed
Abdulkarim Al Dmisi 2016 Completed
Saleem Al Sabbagh 2016 Completed
Muhannad Jrab 2016 Completed
Subhi Al Dahleh 2016 Completed
Maher Hammoudeh 2015 Completed
Aws Shalabi 2015 Completed
Samer Fraihat 2015 Completed
Fadi Imseeh 2014 Completed
Ali Farouqi 2014 Completed
Tareq Aggad 2014 Completed
Majeda Al Jallad 2014 Completed
Ihab Imseeh 2014 Completed
Century 21 (30 apartments) 2013 Completed
Rami Al Jayeh 2013 Completed
Nabil Hammoudeh 2012 Completed
Hani Salah 2012 Completed
Sami Hammoudeh 2012 Completed
Ayman Atyieh 2012 Completed
Shaker Fakhouri 2012 Completed
Mohammad Dahleh 2012 Completed
Mughith Sukhtian 2011 Completed
Shariff Hammoudeh 2011 Completed
Ammar Shawwa 2011 Completed
Sami Nashwan 2011 Completed
Imad Malhas 2011 Completed